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08 May

I was having a discussion the other day about Muay Thai in America. My good friend who happens to be a veteran of the sport for nearly 20 years, mentioned he was training a women who was preparing for her first competition. The strategy he was trying to tell this women to follow was to be patient. Don’t blitz in. Set up your attacks.

Another coach in the gym was not a proponent of using this strategy and exclaimed, “This is American Muay Thai”. Rush in on her!

There are a tremendous amount of quote-end-quote “Muay Thai Gyms” that claim to teach some variation of Muay Thai. Oh, we teach Dutch Style here. Or, we don’t teach traditional Muay Thai. Or, we use more hands and angles then traditional Thai boxing. Some variation that distinctly changes Muay Thai as it is practiced in Thailand. Here’s the problem with this…

All combat sports are based on rules. The rules are what will determine which weapons are used and how they are used. In K-1, or Glory, the rules eliminate the use of elbows, and limit the clinch to where it is non-conducive to use in the fight. In this circumstance, you can argue that boxing and some head movement will be advantageous. Muay Thai on the other hand, allows for the use of elbows and clinch. This dramatically changes the game. The use of the clinch will allow someone who is proficient at this fighting range to render the opponents boxing useless. Short hooks and boxing style is replaced by the use of elbows in the short range distance. In Muay Thai, it is possible to nullify boxing. A strategy far too many westerners rely upon to score points. Yes, the Thai’s use boxing. But this is just a small part of the arsenal weapons available.

Muay Thai is not kickboxing, it’s not K-1, it’s not “Dutch” style… or “American” style. It’s it’s very own entity.

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