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05 Nov

How to wrap hands for MMA or Muay Thai

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Here is a short tutorial on how to wrap your hands for MMA gloves. This hand wrap style can also be used for Muay Thai, especially those who use the clinch. There is a video posted down below.

Make a padding for your knuckles

Step 1 mma hand wrap

Step 1 mma hand wrap

The first step is to make a padding for your knuckles. Many people start by putting the loop around their thumb and start at the wrist. In this MMA style wrap, you will discard the loop and fold the padding, (this side down). Do not start at the thumb and the wrist. Start at the padding on the knuckles.

Bind the wrap twice around to hold padding in place

Step 2 MMA hand wrap

Step 2 MMA hand wrap

Once your padding is made you will want to bind the padding to your hand. Simply go around two or three times and it should stay in place. Use your thumb to pinch the padding as you go around your knuckles. Be sure to keep your fingers spread.

Start to cross the wrap

Step 3 MMA hand wrap

Step 3 MMA hand wrap

Now that the padding is secured in place you will begin to cross the wrap. Begin at the index finger, go across the top of your hand, around your wrist, and back to the index finger.

Weave the entire wrap through

how to mma hand wrap

Start with the section between your index finger and middle finger. Pull the entire wrap all the way through, back around the index finger, over the padding, and back around the wrist. The next bind will be between your middle finger and ring finger. Back around the index finger, cross in front, around the wrist, and on to the last set. Last set will be between your ring finger and pinky.

Wrap the thumb or extra wrist support

MMA Hand Wrap Tutorial

The last step is a matter of preference. If you like thumb support, you may use the left over wrap to wrap your thumb. If you prefer no thumb but want extra wrist support, bring the final wrap around your wrist two or three times. And there you have it! The perfect wrap for MMA gloves or Muay Thai!