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About the Advanced Course


By now Muay Thai has become more than a hobby, it is a lifestyle.

The advanced level training will be focused on the highest levels of Muay Thai. From advanced techniques to advanced strategy, this is where your true understanding will begin to unfold. The curriculum will be extremely detailed and exams will be long and difficult. By now you have become very proficient in your skills and we will make sure you are well balanced in your overall knowledge.


From Level 4 INTERMEDIATE to Level 5-6-7 ADVANCED, we use a colored “pradjiat” or (Muay Thai Armband), to signify rank. Blue, Purple, Brown, and Black. There are 3 stripes within each rank.

The “Black Pradjiat” signifies one of the the highest level of achievements as a Muay Thai practitioner. Once you have become a Mastery Level Student, there is a natural rebirth that takes place as a martial artist. Achieving the level of Mastery is not the end of your training but is rather the beginning of your real journey. It takes on average, 5+ years to achieve Black Pradjiat. It is one of the most rewarding achievements a person can have in a lifetime. Set your intentions with each class. Decide what you want to take from your Muay Thai experience. Take your training beyond Black Pradjiat with Mongkol, Kru, and Arjan levels. The journey never stops unless you do!

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