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Class / 6 month to 1 year training experience

About the Beginner Course

Upon receiving your 3rd stripe, you will graduate to the Beginner Course. At this stage of your training you are beginning to develop defensive as well as offensive skills. This is the main focus of this stage in your training. We will also begin to introduce pad work. These classes will take you from a beginner to intermediate level.

Level 3 BEGINNER, we wear stripes on our yellow armbands. (2 stripes in each level) for a total of 4 stripes. We use a “stripe” to signify the level within each rank. Each level is based on a new curriculum that is designed to cultivate your skills in stages. The “pradjiat’s” are still used today with modern Muay Thai fighters. It is said that this tradition is from ancient times. Loved ones would rip a piece off of their garments, and tie it around the warriors arm before he headed off to battle. Many times the soldier would place magical amulets, religious figures, and other “Lucky” or “Blessed” objects and wrap it in his armband as well.

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