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Do Heavyweights Throw Cartwheel Kicks in Muay Thai?

March 23, 2019 / Fight News
Do Heavyweights Throw Cartwheel Kicks in Muay Thai?

Heavyweight Champion Joe Stripling Wins Via Cartwheel Kick KO!

It’s very rare in the Muay Thai world to see a cartwheel kick KO. In the heavyweight division, it’s more than a rarity. It’s a sight unseen. That is, until 3/23/19 when Bazooka Joe Stripling fought for the vacant WKA Full Rules Pro Muay Thai Delaware State Title.

Bazooka Joe took on the veteran Heath “Cowboy” Harris for the strap and boy was it a show stopper!

Most of the first and only round Stripling took center ring and controlled both the pace and the distance. Showing ring dominance and a Sityodtong Muay Femur style, the exchanges were all Bazooka. It appeared to the home crowd spectators that Cowboy was being run out of town by the Deputy. As if to say ” You ain’t welcome round these parts Cowboy” Joe landed heavy blows with leg kicks and a body kick that I’m pretty sure folks heard from 50 miles away in Maryland…

A short break in the action to fix the technical difficulties in the ring, it looked as if the Cowboy Heath Harris was relieved to catch his wind. After all, running away for 2 and a half minutes can be exhausting.

As the round came to a close and the ten second warning clapped, Cowboy threw 2 desperate hail mary haymakers. Missing his mark on each due to the composure and the allusiveness of Stripling, and with one second to go, Joe fired off the infamous Saenchai inspired cartwheel kick that landed flush on the neck and jawline of Cowboy. Never in the history of Muay Thai has a heavyweight landed this stuntman kick that’s usually reserved for fighters 150 lbs less and creating one of greatest knock outs in history!

Joe Stripling is an anomaly in heavyweight division. When I’m asked to describe Joe and his fighting style I put it this way…. Imagine Dominic Cruz and Saenchai had a love child. And then the love child stole Roy Nelsons body. That’s literally the best description I can give you.

If you want to train with Joe check out his school Chok Dee Athletics in Delaware.

Bazooka continues to prepare for his fights with Aaron Meisner of Royal Striking in South Philadelphia and Anurak Muay Thai Academy in Hillsborough Township NJ.

Stay tuned for Bazooka’s Lion Fights debut on 4/20/19!


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