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New Jersey’s #1 Ranked MMA Fighter

March 10, 2019 / Fight News
New Jersey’s #1 Ranked MMA Fighter

New Jersey’s #1 Ranked MMA Fighter Defends The Ring of Combat Title for the 3rd Time!

We’re pleased to announce that our Hillsborough Township MMA Gym is home to the current reigning and defending MMA champion, Bill “Senior Perfecto” Algeo. Jersey’s top prospect is ranked #1 in NJ, #1 in PA, #2 in the Northeast, and #10 in the Country!

On February 22nd, 2019, Algeo successfully defended his title for the 3rd consecutive time. In typical exciting fashion, Bill once again did not let down the crowd. Being a complete and well-rounded featherweight, Bill used his superior Muay Thai skills and unrivaled BJJ ground game to seal the deal in the 2nd round via rear naked choke.

Short Bio of a Hillsborough MMA Fighter…

Bill Algeo is BJJ Black Belt, 12-3 Pro MMA fighter and an undefeated Pro Muay Thai fighter. A native of King of Prussia, PA. Bill got his start in wrestling during junior high school and began training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Tim Carpenter at the age of 17. His first fight came during his college years at Penn State University. This is when Bill met his Muay Thai trainer, Eric Karner. Bill is currently at the UFC’s doorstep and weighing in on current offers and options from other top promotions as well.

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MMA Takedown Hillsborough Township NJ

Round 1

The bell rang and just after a gentleman’s touch of the gloves, the onslaught began. Algeo controlled the center with a few kick exchanges just to get the evening warmed up. Shortly into the first Bill threw a flurry of commanding Muay Thai strikes that rendered his opponent up on the fence. From the fence, a few knees and elbows for good measure lead to the first take down.

Once on the ground, it was cool, calm and collected strikes. The strikes lead into a brabo choke from the top. The choke was tight, but De Jesus was able to survive. Back on their feet, there was more punishment to come. This time, Algeo landed a big head kick wobbling the opponent. On the run, De Jesus is saved by the bell. 10-8 Round for Algeo.

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MMA Ground & Pound Hillsborough Township NJ

Round 2

Standing in between rounds, it appeared that Algeo was just getting warmed up. De Jesus was slow to come off the stool and it was do or die for the tough Pittsburg fighter.

The second round opened up with Algeo immediately taking charge of the action and much of the same as the first. It almost looked like a ballet performance with grace and execution of every knee, elbow, punch and kick. Bill found his range and started to tee off once again.

Once on the fence, another judo takedown for the champ would prevail and send De Jesus swimming with a shark on the ground. It was shortly after this takedown that Algeo would put the final nail in the coffin with a RNC ( rear naked choke )

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Do you want to train MMA with the #1 Ranked Professional in New Jersey?

You can catch coach Bill coaching a few times a month at Anurak Muay Thai Academy located at 6 Ilene Ct. Building 9 Unit #9,  Hillsborough Township, NJ. 08844. Come check us out and try 2 classes for FREE. Simply click the link to get started.

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