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05 Nov

How to wrap hands for MMA or Muay Thai

Anurak Muay Thai Academy Hillsborough Township NJ 08844

Here is a short tutorial on how to wrap your hands for MMA gloves. This hand wrap style can also be used for Muay Thai, especially those who use the clinch. There is a video posted down below.

Make a padding for your knuckles

Step 1 mma hand wrap

Step 1 mma hand wrap

The first step is to make a padding for your knuckles. Many people start by putting the loop around their thumb and start at the wrist. In this MMA style wrap, you will discard the loop and fold the padding, (this side down). Do not start at the thumb and the wrist. Start at the padding on the knuckles.

Bind the wrap twice around to hold padding in place

Step 2 MMA hand wrap

Step 2 MMA hand wrap

Once your padding is made you will want to bind the padding to your hand. Simply go around two or three times and it should stay in place. Use your thumb to pinch the padding as you go around your knuckles. Be sure to keep your fingers spread.

Start to cross the wrap

Step 3 MMA hand wrap

Step 3 MMA hand wrap

Now that the padding is secured in place you will begin to cross the wrap. Begin at the index finger, go across the top of your hand, around your wrist, and back to the index finger.

Weave the entire wrap through

how to mma hand wrap

Start with the section between your index finger and middle finger. Pull the entire wrap all the way through, back around the index finger, over the padding, and back around the wrist. The next bind will be between your middle finger and ring finger. Back around the index finger, cross in front, around the wrist, and on to the last set. Last set will be between your ring finger and pinky.

Wrap the thumb or extra wrist support

MMA Hand Wrap Tutorial

The last step is a matter of preference. If you like thumb support, you may use the left over wrap to wrap your thumb. If you prefer no thumb but want extra wrist support, bring the final wrap around your wrist two or three times. And there you have it! The perfect wrap for MMA gloves or Muay Thai!


02 Nov

MMA Gyms near me.

Why are people searching?

After nearly two decades of teaching Muay Thai and MMA, it still bogles my mind why people search for MMA Gyms near me, when their real desire is to learn the striking art of Muay Thai.

Perhaps it’s the fact that real Muay Thai Gyms are not so common outside of major cities in the USA. Especially in the area of Central New Jersey where our gym (Anurak Muay Thai Academy) is located. Many folks I suppose assume that an MMA Gym will most likely have a striking program that compliments a grappling program. Below are a few reasons why someone should search for MMA Gyms near me.

A desire to learn grappling to compliment striking

BJJ Hillsborough NJ 08844

This makes perfect sense if someone is searching MMA Gyms near me. If you are looking for both striking and grappling, a MMA Gym should provide both of those programs. It is essential in the sport of MMA to be proficient in both. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is probably your best bet for effective grappling.

BJJ Schools tend to be more common than MMA Gyms and Muay Thai Gyms combined. So most likely, it won’t be too hard to find one in your area. The chances of a pure BJJ School having a quality striking program is slim at best.

A desire for MMA Competition.

MMA Gym Hillsborough Township NJ

I would say that 99% of most people searching for an MMA Gym are not looking to get into the octagon and become the next UFC Champion anytime soon. But if you are looking to compete in MMA, it will be an absolute necessity to learn all areas of combat. If you are looking for MMA competition, you will either need to train at two different gyms with their respective disciplines, or find an MMA Gym with qualified instructors in both.

A desire for well rounded self defense

self defense hillsborough nj 08844

self defense hillsborough nj 08844

Both Muay Thai striking and BJJ grappling will most certainly prepare you for any situation you may encounter on the street in a self defense situation. The ability to protect yourself at any range, or in tight quarters, will be dependent upon your training and experience in striking and grappling.

When you should not search for MMA Gyms near me.

If you are looking for traditional, authentic Muay Thai instruction, chances are rare that a MMA Gym near you will be able to provide you with detailed, knowledge based learning in the art. Many MMA Gyms use a hybrid approach to striking. And most of which is based on western boxing, not Muay Thai. Muay Thai takes years of experience to effectively teach others. Many MMA competitors have divided much of their training time to various other arts, therefor, never completely mastering one thing.

In the many years I have been apart of both sports, I have seen disastrous Muay Thai skills exhibited by MMA students. It’s just two completely different levels of striking abilities.


If you live in Central New Jersey, specifically near Hillsborough NJ. 08844, and you are seeking legitimate Muay Thai training, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or fill out the form on this page. I guarantee you, you will be getting the real deal when it comes to traditional Muay Thai!

03 Oct

Anurak Muay Thai Academy is holding our “soft” opening on Saturday, October 13th, 2018! Pre-Enrollment will begin to commence. This will allow all new prospective members to get a feel for what the classes are going to be like.

Muay Thai is the perfect regiment for those interested in a fitness program providing real results, a practical approach to self defense, and learning the art of Muay Thai Boxing as a martial art interest. Therefor, we know our program will do wonders for people and their quality of life!

Both Men and Women from the ages of twelve to one hundred twelve, are all encouraged to participate!

The grand opening of this brand new, Muay Thai Gym facility is located at

6 Ilene Ct. Building 9 Unit #9 Hillsborough Township, NJ 08844

The facility is equipped with a full-sized boxing ring, pro shop, wall-to-wall professional martial arts flooring, heavy bags, punching bags, Muay Thai training equipment and more!

For the remainder of 2018, we are offering discounted memberships, along with some others perks, for those of you that decide to enroll in one of our Muay Thai programs.

A limited number of (20) discounted additional memberships will be offered the month of December, to finish off the 2018 year. This offer is good to the first participating students. Be sure to reserve your spot. You Must Confirm an Introductory Lesson, prior to receiving this offer. As always, this is a first come, first serve basis.

08 May

I was having a discussion the other day about Muay Thai in America. My good friend who happens to be a veteran of the sport for nearly 20 years, mentioned he was training a women who was preparing for her first competition. The strategy he was trying to tell this women to follow was to be patient. Don’t blitz in. Set up your attacks.

Another coach in the gym was not a proponent of using this strategy and exclaimed, “This is American Muay Thai”. Rush in on her!

There are a tremendous amount of quote-end-quote “Muay Thai Gyms” that claim to teach some variation of Muay Thai. Oh, we teach Dutch Style here. Or, we don’t teach traditional Muay Thai. Or, we use more hands and angles then traditional Thai boxing. Some variation that distinctly changes Muay Thai as it is practiced in Thailand. Here’s the problem with this…

All combat sports are based on rules. The rules are what will determine which weapons are used and how they are used. In K-1, or Glory, the rules eliminate the use of elbows, and limit the clinch to where it is non-conducive to use in the fight. In this circumstance, you can argue that boxing and some head movement will be advantageous. Muay Thai on the other hand, allows for the use of elbows and clinch. This dramatically changes the game. The use of the clinch will allow someone who is proficient at this fighting range to render the opponents boxing useless. Short hooks and boxing style is replaced by the use of elbows in the short range distance. In Muay Thai, it is possible to nullify boxing. A strategy far too many westerners rely upon to score points. Yes, the Thai’s use boxing. But this is just a small part of the arsenal weapons available.

Muay Thai is not kickboxing, it’s not K-1, it’s not “Dutch” style… or “American” style. It’s it’s very own entity.

If you are interested in learning authentic Muay Thai Boxing, fill out a form on this website and come see the difference for yourself!