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Private Boxing Lessons – Hillsborough NJ

January 19, 2019 / Inside the Academy
Private Boxing Lessons – Hillsborough NJ

Private Boxing Lessons Central New Jersey

Did you know that western boxing is a huge part of Muay Thai? Jab, cross, hooks, upper cuts, body hooks are all the same punching techniques used in the national sport of Thailand, Muay Thai.

In todays world, finding time to workout may be a challenge in itself. Salaried employees are pushed to the max with expectations and job performance. Add in the mix having a busy family and your free time becomes ever more increasingly difficult to come by.

Private Boxing Lessons are a fantastic solution to getting a specifically tailored workout to suit your specific needs and at a time that’s convenient for you. Below is a brief run down of what results you can expect when participating in private boxing lessons…

Private Boxing Lessons NJ

The Top 3 Benefits of Private Boxing Lessons

1. Total Stress Relief

Did you ever want to just punch your boss square in the nose? Do the kids have you pulling out your hair by the time 1:30 pm rolls around? Does your mounding workload have you feeling like you’re constantly in a state of panic trying to complete the next project? Boxing lessons will empower you with the ability relieve that stress one punch at a time. Let’s face it… Hitting things feels good!

2. Weight Loss and Peak Fitness

Whether you have a few extra pounds to shed or you’re just getting sick and tired of the same old lame workout routines, boxing will help you stay motivated and engaged. It’s not only a fantastic aerobic and anaerobic exercise but it also requires some thinking and concentration. Having to think about your form, proper distance, and proper execution, makes the workouts that much more enjoyable.

3. Learn a Formidable Form of Self Defense

Boxing is a combat sport. And it’s extremely effective. Learning how to slip, defend, bob & weave, and counter punch can somebody literally save your life. This world seems to becoming increasingly more dangerous. Having some decent boxing skills increases your chances of survival if you are being attacked. With your new found skills it will also bring you a greater sense of self confidence. Confidence is something that radiates in your everyday life. Your friends and loved ones will see the difference.

If you live in or around Somerset County NJ and are looking for Private Boxing Lessons as an alternative to the boring fitness club, click the button and inquire about our private lesson programs by using the online form.